Bonjour Lulu Family Club

The structure of the Family club

The now well rehearsed Bonjour Lulu Scheme is based on a whole range of activities that really make learning fun. Your child will learn French through a variety of games, songs, rhymes, stories and even a little bit of drama!

Here's a little example of just some of the things we do in the family session...

We cover a range of topics and vocabulary, with each session carefully designed to reinforce and build-on from the previous. Each session involves a mixture of speaking the language, understanding and responding to the language, as well as some natural exposure and absorption of the language. For example, in the very first session, children practised saying hello and goodbye, learned to understand and follow instructions such as clap, jump, walk etc, and heard other words in passing such as 'thank you', 'instruments', 'music' and so on. In this way, a range of learning preferences as well as shy and chatty characters are all catered for!

What's more, there is an accompanying activity sheet for each session which can be taken home - or if you are attending a club where we offer a French breakfast then we'll have colouring pencils etc available to complete it there and then. And at the start of each term, we provide a vocabulary sheet with the key words for the term so that practising at home is even easier!

The big idea

As a mother of two young children myself, the idea of Bonjour Lulu came from singing songs and reading stories in French with my own children. Having only started to learn languages in my teenage years and now knowing that learning a foreign language is scientifically proven to be easier as a child, I have always been keen to expose them to languages early on. Indeed we have tried and tested all of the songs and stories shared in the club!

Where it first began

The club was properly established in April 2013 when I started doing sessions at Annabelle's Nursery near Faringdon. About a year later, I set-up the Saturday morning Family Club which has grown so popular that I now run two sessions in the same morning, and also have a session for children age 6+ that runs directly after this Family Club.

How to join

As of September 2021, this club is currently not running. If you would like to be notified of future classes starting in the next twelve months, please fill out your details here.


"Bonjour Lulu is a perfect way to learn French - there are stories, songs, games and dancing, all designed for the language to be absorbed in a natural way. It's great fun - and the children enjoy it too! Lorraine leads the group with enthusiasm yet sensitivity to individual personalities and needs. Merveilleux!" Howard, grand-parent to toddler Florence who attended the club in Botley.

"We're really enjoying the classes, they're fun and engaging for both toddlers and older children. I like the imaginative approach to colours today." Mark, Dad to Isabelle and Oliver at the Saturday Club

"A lovely way to introduce French with a civilised breakfast start! Alexander responds well to the activity / game parts of the session which is an excellent way to keep young children engaged." Ali, Mum Dad to Alexander at the Saturday Club

"Fun, enjoyable, educational. We always look forward to French. The girls ask 'How do I French' I always say 'You need to ask Lorraine!" Daniel, Dad to Hollie and Amelia at the Saturday Club

"The boys have enjoyed their first few weeks. It's captured their imagination....Sebastian is always asking 'What's the French club word for...?'" Richard, Dad to Sebastian and Theo at the Saturday Club

We very much enjoyed our time at Bonjour Lulu. Lorraine is full of enthusiasm and energy, which kept Jamie entertained and helped him learn French without realising he was learning. He has taught the whole family all the songs! We recommend it!" Lisa, mum to toddler Jamie (who attended the Botley club).