Languages in primary schools

Enjoy Languages runs clubs in primary schools for pupils in years 4, 5 and 6.

What goes on in our language clubs?

Children take part in a variety of different activities such as singing, role-plays, games and occasional worksheets to keep in their file. The topics covered are in line with the government's National Languages Strategy. For example, we cover topics such as greeting people, counting, parts of the body, pets, food likes and dislikes, and the weather.

Who runs the clubs?

Clubs are run by a fully qualified, CRB checked, and experienced secondary language teacher who also has experience teaching languages in primary schools - both formally via covering teacher PPA time and informally via after-school fun clubs.

When do our clubs run?

Our clubs take place during lunch-time or after-school, once a week for 40 minutes. The day a club is run and the language offered is agreed with the school.

How many children are there in a club?

In order for a club to run, there is usually a minimum requirement of 9 children. The maximum number of children is 20, but if there is demand, the club to run a couple of times a week so that nobody misses out. 

What does a place in a club cost?

The cost of the club is agreed with each school individually and we only ask you to commit to one half a term at a time. 

Clubs are being setting up directly via the schools, but if you have any questions about booking a place for your child then please feel free to contact Lorraine for a chat on 07753 344288


Long Furlong Primary School, North Abingdon:
Since May 2011, we have been running an after-school Spanish fun-club here. We consistently receive excellent feedback from pupils and parents. For example in a questionnaire, 100% of the pupils said... 
  • they 'liked the club a lot', 
  • they would recommend an Enjoy Languages Fun-Club to friends 
  • the club was at least as good or better than they had expected!

Other messages:
"Thank you [Lorraine] so much for setting up the French club. It was a brilliant idea and Ellie has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with you. She is very sad that you are leaving as you made the lessons so much fun and clearly the children responded well to you. If you did manage to find a replacement to take over the club then Ellie would definitely want a place - although Ellie said it wouldn't be the same without you! Again, many thanks for introducing Ellie to the French language. We wish you lots of luck in Oxfordshire." Charlotte Wisden, mother to Ellie at the Little Ridge Primary School in East Sussex.

"Lauren has thoroughly enjoyed the French lessons and seems to have picked up the language quite well which I think is down to the way you have taught the pupils." Paula Furbey, mother to Lauren at the the Little Ridge Primary School in East Sussex.

"My son James describes you as being a 'really nice lady' and that you have made the classes 'lots of fun so that it makes it easy to learn'. Well done for that!"  Sara Marsh, mother to James at Chantry Community Primary School in East Sussex.

"We had a good number of children who wanted to join [the Spanish club] and they were very sad to see Lorraine leave. They enjoyed the activities in the sessions and felt that they had learnt a lot in the time that they spent with her. Many of them are keen to carry on developing their learning and she has really inspired them to keep going with learning a new language. Thanks Lorraine!" Helen Drake, Clubs Coordinator at Chantry Community Primary School in East Sussex.