Classes at work

Enjoy Languages is able to run language courses at your place of work.

How does it work?

Once a week for an agreed number of weeks (usually 10), at the end of the working day or during the lunch hour, we deliver a one hour language on the business premises. 

The advantages to employees:

Learning at work premises takes away the inconvenience associated with evening courses elsewhere. After returning home, having dinner, and changing into casual clothes it can be hard to take yourself out again - especially if it's to travel in yet more traffic or on a cold, wintry night. Whereas a class at work allows you to take part in fun and stimulating activity without such hassle. Prices are more competitive too and are typically based on the number of learners taking part.

The advantages to employers:

Language classes involve lots of interaction amongst pairs and groups of learners and so this is a great way for staff to build rapports and ultimately for a better relationship during the working day. Also, one manager per business is offered a free place on the course chosen!


"I am a police officer in Sussex and have been doing French lessons after work through Enjoy Languages for a few months and have not only been learning a lot, but I have had a lot of fun too! I have found that after a stressful day at work learning French has been an excellent way to relax and unwind which is due to the informal and flexible approach adopted by Lorraine. I would highly recommend anyone to take lessons at the workplace and forget about work for an hour or two each day and learn to complain about it in a whole new language!" Kendal Wells, Intermediate French course at Hastings Police Station.

"A really easy, fun way to learn everything you might need to know for a holiday in France." Kayleigh, on the ''Spanish for Holidays' course at 'Enjoy Work' , London.

"Relaxed, laid-back atmosphere allows you to practice and feel at ease while tackling new vocab and grammar. Great mix of speaking, reading and listening activities keeps the evenings interesting."  Claire on the 'French for Holidays' course at 'Enjoy Work', London.

"I'd like to thank you [Lorraine] very much for all your efforts with us and your enthusiastic teaching style has made the lessons thoroughly enjoyable. We will of course be sad to see you go, but wish you all the best in your relocation to Oxfordshire. Thank you also for finding another tutor to continue the course with us...I have a real taste for learning again!" Becky Taylor, Intermediate French course at Hastings Police Station.

"I have immensely enjoyed the 12 week language course with Lorraine. I have not studied French since I was in year 9 and so have found it quite difficult to master the basics. However, with Lorraine's informal style of teaching and tailored ways of working, I feel I have made a great deal of progress in a short space of time and from not being able to form a sentence, if dumped in France tomorrow I would hope that I could just about get-by. I have greatly enjoyed learning with my colleagues from work and it has never boring, laborious or too difficult and most importantly we have had a good laugh whilst learning. I would recommend Enjoy Languages to anybody wishing to further their knowledge of another language. Lorraine has been very flexible in her working hours which has been ideal for our group due to shift work. It has always been an ambition of mine to further my skills in French and one that I thought I would never get around to doing. Lorraine has made it very easy to take that first step and I will definitely endeavour to keep learning French." Philip Feltham, Intermediate French course at Hastings Police Station.