Nursery Clubs

In addition to public clubs, Enjoy Languages runs toddler clubs at local Nurseries. Since April 2013, we have been running sessions at Annabelle's Nursery and Pre-School near Faringdon.

Named Bonjour Lulu, the clubs are aimed at young children with no or little knowledge of the French language and, as always with enjoy languages, the emphasis is on learning in a fun and stimulating way!

What do children actually do at the club?
Children learn French through fun and interactive activities such as games, songs, rhymes, stories and even a bit of drama! Prior to each session, I send out an email to all parents with a little description of what we will do as well as the vocabulary covered so that they can practise with their little ones at home. I also try to send out the occasional personal email to let parents know just how well their child is doing!

What's more, each session is carefully designed to reinforce and build-on from the previous. There is always a mixture of speaking the language, understanding and responding to the language, as well as some natural exposure and absorption of the language. In this way, a range of learning preferences as well as shy and chatty characters are all catered for each week!

What do children learn at the club?
Each half-term includes at least one and sometimes two themes. For example, during the theme of animals, children learn how to name a range of pets and farm animals along with other bits of useful French that pop up in the stories and rhymes used to reinforce the animals. For example: What's your name and my name is, the numbers 1-5, I go (with quickly and slowly) and the words for big and small.

Who is the club for?
It is open to all children aged 3 and above.

Who am I?
I am a fully qualified and experienced Modern Foreign Languages teacher with experience of teaching languages in both Secondary and Primary schools. Now in addition to working at Ashfold Preparatory School, I run Enjoy Languages delivering fun and engaging lessons to learn of all ages and abilities via projects such as the Bonjour Lulu Clubs. Naturally, I hold CRB clearance.

How long is each session?
Each session lasts for 25-30 minutes and I am able to provide an activity sheet to accompany each session which helps to reinforce what children have learned in each session. This can either be done at the setting after the club, or sent home to do with parents.

How much does the club cost?
The price is competitive with other similar fun club providers and can be based on a per child option (preferred if parents 'opt-in' for the club and pay for their child's place) or it can be calculated on an 'all-in' basis which usually works out cheaper. Typically, I ask that children are signed-up for a term at a time i.e. about 12 weeks. However, I do offer a free trial session to help you decide if the club is suitable for your setting.

How to arrange a club:
If would like to discuss setting-up a club for your nursery / pre-school, please do get in touch either via telephone on 07753 344288 or via emailing 


 "My four year old daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her French sessions at pre-school and has learnt a lot in a short period of time. Lorraine makes the learning fun and my daughter regularly recites the songs at home, practising her new words. Lorraine's classes have been a fantastic introduction to learning French for my daughter." Sara, mum to Megan at the club run in Annabelle's Pre-School, Longcott. 

"Just a quick 'thank you' for all the effort you put into these classes. It is lovely when my little boy asks me what my name is (speaking in French). We bought one of the recommended CDs and out of the blue we will have a shout from the back of the car shouting 'Lorraine teaches me this!"'" Pauline mum to Euan at the club run in Annabelle's Pre-School, Longcott.

"Amanda really enjoys her French lessons and especially likes singing the songs." Susana, mum to Amanda at the club run in Annabelle's Nursery, Great Coxwell. 

"Lorraine, many many thanks for inspiring Olivia so much with French, she really seems to have taken to it with gusto, so much so that she often breaks into songs or phrases at home or nursery!" Rachel, mum to Olivia at the club run in Annabelle's Nursery, Great Coxwell.