Saturday Botley 6+ Club

The 6+ club is a session specially designed to cater for children who are confident enough in English to begin exploring
French at a deeper level. It was new for September 2016 and has been a great success!

The club runs every other Saturday from 11.20 to 12 midday at the Rosary Room, Yarnells Hill in Botley. The new term will start on Saturday 25th January 2020.

The structure of the club
We use activities carefully chosen for school-aged children that really make learning fun. Throughout the term, your child will learn French through a variety of gamessongsrhymesstories and occasionally even a liile drama

The club is active and engaging, but there is also an element of sitting at a table to work with a partner or in a small group to do a different kind of interactive activity. For example, to match French words to pictures, or to arrange the French days of the week in the correct order etc. Children also complete the occasional worksheet (maximum one per session) specifically designed for this 6+ club which can then be used to practise with you at home.

Topics and vocabulary
This club will explore a whole range of topics such as introducing ourselves and making friends, colours, pets, family, clothing, hobbies, numbers up to 30, months of the year, asking and saying our birthdays, describing the weather, food likes and dislikes - and of course ordering a snack/drink in a cafe!

This 6+ club introduces children to the written word. For example, sessions will involve:

  • Recognising the written words for the vocabulary covered
  • Writing simple words
  • Looking more closely at French sentence structure e.g. colours going after pets / clothing
Drop and go
Unlike the other Bonjour Lulu clubs, this is a session where you drop your children into the club and leave. You can wait in the foyer or car park, or you are free to leave the vicinity and go elsewhere in the local area.

New Teacher for October 2019
This 6+ club is now going to be run by a lovely lady called Myriam. Myriam is a native French speaker and mum of two young children so very much in-tune with language learning and young children. Moreover, Myriam has experience of tutoring small groups of primary-aged children and she is very excited to expand on this by taking over the 6+ club. Myriam has lots of ideas for the new term and is committed to both liaising with me on the content of the sessions and to continuing to run them in the same fun way: packed full of games, songs and stories! Natually, Myriam has a recent DBS certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child start?
Children can start from Year 1 - in the term they are due to turn six. For example, if your child will be 6 between January and March, they can start the club this coming January. Similarly if your child is 6 between
May and July, they can start in April.

Where is the club?
The club takes place at the Rosary Room on Yarnells Hill in Botley (OX2 9BD). It is located next to Our Lady of the Rosary RC Church with plenty of parking available.

When does the club run?
The club takes place on a fortnightly basis and runs on a 6 or 7 session basis which works out nicely as one school term.
The new term will start on Saturday 5th October and will run every other Saturday thereafter until Saturday 30th November inclusive. It's a 40 minute session that starts at 11.20 and finishes at 12.00.

How much is the club?
This cost per session is £7.50 for 1 child or £13 for two.  We are currently offering a free trial session to new children! Then, if your child likes the club and you would like him/her to continue, we ask for an up-front payment for the remainder of the term.

How is this club different to the Family Club on the same day at the same venue?
There are 3 main differences between the structure of the 6+ club and the Family Club.

  1. Whilst we still make use of drilling, songs and stories, some of our games and activities are naturally quite different and designed with older children in mind. Also, whilst there is a strong emphasis on speaking, children are also introduced to reading and writing in the language which also opens up discussions about the structure of the language.
  2. We cover several of the same topics explored in the Family Club, but children will learn how to talk about them in more detail and with more confidence. There will be a stronger emphasis on asking and not just answering questions. And as the children's confidence and fluency grows, they will explore additional, more advanced topics not covered in the Family Club.
  3. As the children are older, this club is for children to attend without parents and children are encouraged and expected to work in pairs and small groups for some activities.

How can I signLorraine and Lulu after a session at Abingdon Library my child up?
If you would like to book a place for your child, it would be great if you could use our online registration form by clicking here, or you can of course ring me on 07753 344288.

We hope to see you soon!